Producing reels since 1955, Daiwa is a Japanese brand that aims to produce the most technically advanced fishing equipment in the world. This is an aim that is routinely met, and Daiwa is a world leader in coarse, carp, sea, and predator fishing products.

Perfect for feeder fishing, the Daiwa N'ZON S Feeder Rods offer a host of features to ensure a great session of match fishing without breaking the bank. The Daiwa feeder rod sports provide the competitive edge with its HVF Nanoplus Carbon blanks that gives incredible flexibility and to your rod.

The rod also sports sea-guide and anti-tangle guides to ensure your line keeps straight and avoids any snagging. For a secure attachment, the rod features a DPS Downlocking Reel Seat to house your feeder reel.

To ensure a durable handle, Daiwa have given the rod EVA Fore Grip and a cork armlock handle. The cork keeps your hands insulated whereas the EVA prevents your hands slipping when the rod inevitable gets wet from splashes.

If that was not enough, the rod comes supplied with two quivers to swap out. There are a variety of rod lengths and casting weights to choose from.  Select from two sections rods of 10ft length with a 40g casting weight, 11ft with 50g c.w or 12ft with 60g casting weight. There are rods in three sections too, all 13ft in length but variation of casting weights of 100g, 120g, 150g and 180g.

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