Minn Kota Endura C2 45lb With 36 Inch Shaft

The Endura electric outboard motor range is designed for freshwater use, ideal outboards for fishing, canoeing or general boating. The Endura Outboards are transom mounted. The Minn kota Endura range are available in a range of powers as listed below. Like all Minn Kota Outboards the Endura motors are very quiet, environmentally friendly (unlike traditional petrol outboards) and easy to operate.

The Endura Outboards use a strong, composite shaft that is designed to flex on impact and the propeller design pushes weed away without draining power. The Twist Tiller control makes it easy to control the 5 forward speeds and 3 reverse speeds. A 12V power supply is required for the Endura Motors.

ENDURA C2 Standard Features:

Telescoping Handle

Six-inch telescoping handle provides comfortable, easy steering.

Lever-Lock Bracket

10-position bracket features a quick-release lever lock and reinforced composite material that resists flexing, warping and UV damage.

5 Fwd/3 Rev

Provides five forward speed settings & three reverse speed settings to easily choose the speed you need for simple, intuitive control that puts you in command.

Power Prop

The Power Prop delivers extra power to help you push through heavy vegetation to get you where the fish are. Power Prop Delivers extra power to push through heavy vegetation. Fits 3-1/4" (MKP-2) and 3-5/8" (MKP-25) diameters. Standard with Endura 40, Endura 36, Endura 30


Indestructible Composite Shaft: Pound for pound, our composite shaft is stronger than steel. It flexes on impact and won’t break, kink or corrode. That’s why we’re confident enough to guarantee it for life. If we could guarantee it for longer than a lifetime, we would.

Cool, Quiet, Power: Nothing runs cooler or more quietly than a Minn Kota. Our extra large windings and commutators dissipate heat, resulting in cooler operation, extended battery power, and longer motor life. And our unique bearing system reduces friction to cut fish-spooking noise. So quiet, they’ll never hear you coming.

2-Year Warranty: This motor is backed up with Minn Kota’s two-year warranty.

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