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    Deluxe Stainless steel hook releaser which is perfect for removing lures and hooks from even the most deeply hooked fish. Superb for both lures and bait rigs. Supplied in nice pouch with zinger – never leave home without.

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    Mirco Braid & Line Cutter, ultra-sharp and practical little clipper!

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    Deluxe Aluminum fish lip grip, with precise built in Scale. Rubber coated lip grips for fish protection. EVA handle and practical belt pouch and zinger. Scale up to 10kg.

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    EDS Deluxe Pike Gag Disgorger For Easier Unhook Pike FishingHumane Pike Gag

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    This lip gripper is lightweight and easy to use. With its powerful spring-action locking jaws, this tool grips the fish securely. It also comes with a non-slip handle and a lanyard to secure during release. Plus it comes with a scale that can weigh fish up to 23kg (50lbs).

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    Savage Gear Floating Fish Grip Neat and compact lip grip Secure way to hold and unhook fish Designed to be fish-friendly Strong and durable construction Floats if dropped in water Secure way to hold fish for unhooking Lightweight Fitted with locking wrist strap Length 16.5cm DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT ON PIKE 71161

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    Berkley Multi- Tool Stainless Steel Size: 7" Material: aluminum & stainless steel - Needle nose pliers - Wire cutters - Knife - Jig-eye cleaner - Crankbait tuner - 2 in ruler - Hook sharpener & file - Scissors - Fish scaler  - Phillips head screwdriver - Bottle opener - Standard screwdriver - Hook remover 1318396

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    Kinetic Multi-Tool  Blue/Black 6" / 15cm Take this Kinetic Multitool to the water and you'll save big-time space in your tackle box. Handy, easy to use and constructed of stainless steel, its pliers handle conveniently houses all the must-have fishing tools. Stainless steel 13 functions G166-202-067

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    Savage Gear - Light Game Lip Grip Alu  Dimensions: 16.5 x 5 cmTotal length: 16.50 cm 71160

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    Savage Gear - LRF Lip Grip Alu  Dimensions: 13.5 x 4.5cmTotal length: 13.50 cm 71159

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    Tronixpro Baiting Tool An innovative tool that holds both the bait and hook in position whilst you whip the bait on using bait elastic.

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    Tronixpro Baiting Needle The ideal solution to perfect presentation when baiting with soft baits and sandeels. 25cm/10Inch

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    Hardened stainless steel 150mm long x 1 mm thick. (2 per packet)

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