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    Cage feeder Square 40g Cage feeder “large transport aircraft” of beautiful capacity for remote fishings and large fish. 

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    Mepps Aglia Spinflex Lure Tiger/ Jaune Size 2/ 7g The SpinFlex just could be Mepps most versatile lure. It can be cast, trolled, jigged, drifted, or dragged. Ideal lure for pike fishing.

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    It is the basic spinner for the rod and reel fishing, in all water, for all fish. It is a marvellous precision mechanics which turns soft and round as of which key water. Its cone of rotation adapts constantly by the strength of opposition of water.

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    Mitchell Tanager Spin Combo 210cm 7-10g Exclusive matte Camo finish High resistance blank construction LTS guide quality 1 bearing reel spooled with quality line A trendy looking camo combo that offers great value for money! Fantastic for the beginning or occasional angler. 1446408

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    Okuma Komodo SS is a brand new Komodo model for pike fishing in saltwater and freshwater. The reel has stainless steel main gear, incredibly powerful drag and all the other features what you need for high-end pike reel. Okuma Komodo SS is suitable for casting even the biggest pike lures.

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    BuzzBite SR Crankbait - 5cm/ 6g - Low Floating -  Bling Perch Material: ABS plasticLead freeTight aggressive swimming actionUltra-sharp carbon steel hooksWire-through-lip constructionRealistic eyesHand painted detailed colorsRunning depth: 1-2 m & 1-2.5 mWeight: 4 cm 4g | 5 cm 6g | 6 cm 10g P147-023-001

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    4D LINETHRU TROUT 25CM/ 180G /SLOW SINKING/  GREEN SILVER The lure is designed with a larger Line Thru channel, making it easier to change the trace – it comes pre-rigged with the Carbon49 wire trace, mounted with the line modifier clip. The lure has a realistic s-curve swimming action that only adds to the overall realism of this incredible lure. 73989

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    Dam SPR G2- Baltic- Pilk 3,00m/ 50-200g. Great light pilk rods with a stiff backbone and responsive tip that are ideal for fishing.

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    Scierra - Helmsdale Fishing Jacket - Size Large • 2-layer Fishing jacket with membrane 8.000mm/5.000mvp• Nylon Taslon 100% polyester fabric with thick PU coating• Mesh lining in 100% polyester• TAP - Tool Attachment Point for plier and nipper• Large chest pockets• Handwarmer pockets• Water repellant zippers at front• Storm hood• Adjustable cuffs• Zipped...

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    The Mepps Giant Killer is an extremely versatile big-game lure that is effective in both fresh and saltwater. Bucktail and tandem bucktail Giant Killers, as well as the Giant Killer Mino are top producers of musky and northern pike. They also will catch striped bass and other saltwater predators. Plain Giant Killers are perfect for trophy king salmon.

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    6 Hook Assorted Feather Rigs 6 hook Assorted feather rigs, three hook sizes 7/0 to cover Cod and Ling R317

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    Salmo Slider 12  Sinking  Colour : Supernatural Golden Crucian 12cm / 70g Cast / Trolling : 2.0/1,0m -6.5/3.5ft  SD120SISGC

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