Crazy Fish Crayfish 1.8″ – colour-68/ smell 6- Squid/ 8pcs./45mm

Crazy Fish Crayfish *2423

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Crazy Fish  Crayfish 1.8″  8pcs per pack

Length: 45mm

Weight: 0.6g

Colour: 68

Smell 6 : Squid


The minimum quantity: 1

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The Crazy Fish 1.8″ Crayfish is a finely detailed lure, infused with a scent attractant for added appeal. This is a true multi species lure that works well in both salt and fresh water. The slender legs and long, thin claws are designed to generate lifelike movement in the water, no matter which method you choose to fish them. The Crazy Fish Crayfish is commonly used on a jig head or flex head  but also makes a great finesse drop shot lure. 8pcs per pack.