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    Favorite Blue Bird BB-682UL-S, Rod Lenght: 204cm, Casting weight:1.7g. Action: Extra fast, Sections:2, Line:4-6 lb

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    S.G.100% Soft FluoroCarbon 0.46mm/12.3kg/27lb/35m. Invisible in water, Super Soft, High Knot Strength.

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    The Mepps Giant Killer is an extremely versatile big-game lure that is effective in both fresh and saltwater. Bucktail and tandem bucktail Giant Killers, as well as the Giant Killer Mino are top producers of musky and northern pike. They also will catch striped bass and other saltwater predators. Plain Giant Killers are perfect for trophy king salmon.

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    Rapala X-Rap Otus- Live Rainbow Trout        Length: 25cm - Weight: 90g - Depth: 0.5-1 m - Slow sinking ABS Body with Soft PVC Tail 6-Point Stainless Plate Tail Locking System Wide Tail-Kicking with Body Roll - Large Predator Gamefish VMC Coastal Black Treble Hooks

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    Crazy Fish Speeker color 28/ 3g.  UV GLOW Japanese Hook

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    Snake Lead Soft Snake leads for bottom fishing after species such as Pike, Zander and Salmon. Snake leads come in packs of 3, slelect from 3x20g, 3x30g, 3x40g, 

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    Bearing Cross-Lok Snap Swiwel

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    The Wavehopper inflatable life vest is a superbly designed practical buoyancy device priced within reach of every angler. So, whether wading large salmon rivers or boat fishing on a reservoir 

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    Crazy Fish Glider 2"  10pcs per pack Length: 55mm Colour: 16d Smell 6 : Squid

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    Savage Gear 3D Bleak 205 Glide Swimmer, 05-Firetiger 85g/20.5cm Slow Sink Hard ABS Plastic Lure With Semi Soft Tail

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    Dragon Mega Baits Method Feeder Classic brown pellets have a slightly lower content of protein and fat, but with a perfectly maintained balance of the necessary nutritional value to keep fish in the fishery. Designed to lure all species of carp fish, especially carp, tench, crucian carp and bream. Pellet 3 mm, 1,00 kg. Art. Nr 00-00-10-06-3010.

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    FAVORITE Sirius 4000 - Coming with 2 spools - shallow and deep.Weight: 330GBearings: 11BB + 1RBGear Ratio: 5.2:1Drag: 22lb / 10kg

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