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    Gamakatsu Hooks LS-5013F Size 8, 12pcs. Great for any kind of fishing technique which requires extra sharp hooks.

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    Okuma Solitron Feeder Medium 12'0", 3.60m., C/W 30-70g. <2.5 OZ, L/W 2-8 lbs, IM 6

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    Rapala - Shadow Rap SDR11CLN Clown - Slow Sinking Jerk Bait 11cm/ 13g

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    5cm 2" / 3g 1/16oz. Swiming Depth 3'-5' Prof.nange 0.9m-1.5m Balsa Construction Custom Swimming Action Controlled Depth Technique Large Size Range VMC Black Nickel Hooks Hand Tuned & Tank Tested

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    Kamasan B940M Aberdeen Match Hooks Size 4,10pcs.

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    Model Lenght Transport Lenght Sections Casting Weight Weight 42717 3.00m 1.30m 3 5-25g 116g 42719 5.00m 1.34m 5 5-25g 318g

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    Crazy Fish Big Game Offset Hook.Size 1/0,8pcs, WT:0.71, Model:BGOH1/0.

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    Imax North Ice Rubber Boot Neoprene Lining size 40/6 Waterproof genuine rubber boots Improved last for ultimate walking comfort Nice red contrast color neoprene lining inside for extra warmth Gusset with adjustable strap Removable inner sole High performance sole construction with light EVA mid-sole Innovative 100% rubber outsole reinforcing toe and heel...

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    A great starter kit of tools to compliment our fly tying kits. Contains: C Clamp vice, threader, scissors, bodkin, hackle pliers, spigot bobbin & whip finish tool.

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    Flytying Materials

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    With the incorporation of a flat body, Rudra-SP is able to produce intense flashing effects. The flashing effects and tight, rolling actions from this lure enlarge the productive zone to include wide and deep ranges. Its performance excels in both darting and normal retrieving method and its fish-like actions are especially effective with less active, big...

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